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  1. Wanted to remove one guy from friend list removed everyone else except him
  2. Dude you are last hope of this forum
  3. Yea it can happen sometimes on this site
  4. I know i am right, that's the problem

    It is just astounding how others can't comprehend such simple things. We can see branch swaying away from the sword without touching the sword and rock just split in half, it was not cut. And yet i can't explain this obvious showing to these imbeciles, and they actually mock me and claim how it is strength
  5. Yea you are right
  6. This is the chapter i am talking about when i quotes Zoro's sensei.

    This is the chapter that shows us that cutting does not need to be forced by strength. Where we see Zoro gently put his sword on rock and it get split.

    Also his sensei quote confirms it.
  7. Yea I can see what you are tying to say I just need to look over that chapter to see how large room was before that last panel. I'm not sure since I'm going off memory but I'm still on the side that his devil fruit was the reason he cut the mountain. It could change after reading it

    There are examples of techniques being used by swordsman to cut stuff that has nothing to do with physical strength so you have something to work off of
  8. Chapter 690 is Law thingy. You seem to grasp what i am talking about when i say swordsmanship skill. I wonder what do you think. Was Law just using his DF? Was his DF really that big? Or was it part DF part Skill.

    Also do you think Zoro used raw strength to cut rock before he cut Daz Bones. And do you think Mihawk's Iceburg feat was about raw strength.
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