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  1. 06-29-2018, 01:53 PM Finalbeta

    I will be your Guardian Angel. This world is filled in peril and it is my sacred duty to make you stay alive. You are too important for this world. You were born for great purposes and I won't you let you being night killed even if that means I will die instead. My Lord.

    I was browsing our long discussion and found this by chance
  2. Town got destroyed
  3. Nevermind he understood.
  4. Stop complaining. Literally what does it concern you
  5. Please tell that kid that it's not a good idea he starts a new sign up thread. I'm talking about Ava. He is back at trolling apparently. I know it's because it's me.
  6. Why do you allow retards like Aether to join games yet not me.
  7. I've learned my lesson man. Why don't you want to release my spirit?

    I have no problem playing a full game. I played Ava's EZ game all the time.
  8. Make me sign up or Ratchet will launch the game on Friday
  9. You really prefer to not let the game start if that means at least I won't play
  10. You are in search of more players for Ratchet's game I've read. Give me the occasion to finally prove myself, this is the perfect timing to. Or make me play a turbo. Anything would be cool as well as I get lifted.
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