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  1. Give me an opportunity man. I have been a decent player recently. I promise I won't accuse people of holding dupes.
  2. Mafia is the most beautiful game on Earth right after football.

    I want to sign up for the Bookie game man.
  3. Can you test me for one game at least? Let me try out.
  4. As long as I play like I did in this game people shouldn't complain about my playstyle. I just need to not accuse people of being dupes and never flame them. I can do that.
  5. ...
  6. I'm putting real effort man.

    Give me an opportunity. I swear I won't accuse people of being dupes even if I believe they are. This was my only fallacy in this game.

    I'm studying Mafia and slowly turning into a consistent player.
  7. lol he does suck
  8. Dude I can't believe you let DoflaMihawk in and not me.
  9. I just registered on my first MU game. It will start on 18.

    I'm ready to fight people who eat bread and mafia and are the equivalent of Messi and Ronaldo.

    Don't know how long I will last in that infernal game but I'll do my best. I'm really putting effort for this beautiful game finally.
  10. A Darkstalkers game and I wasn't part of it?

    I'll never forgive ya
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