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  1. Oh, that's nice. Noticed that you were the most active in the Jukebox, but I thought that maybe you just liked music.

    I can't function without music, hooked onto it every chance I get. You made anything yourself?
  2. for work? i'm an amateur audio engineer. work at recording studios, and some other freelance stuff mostly.
  3. Aye, that's a shame. What do you do apart from tmf, anyway?
  4. same (sorta) just chilling, reaching levels of boredom that shouldn't even be possible.
  5. Not much, the usual buzzed browsing before sleep. Yourself?
  6. wah gwan
  7. Hey.
  8. Oh, thought it was weird you weren't posting.
  9. think it's too close to call either way
  10. You haven't said anything about my match with Void.
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