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  1. Oh, thought it was weird you weren't posting.
  2. think it's too close to call either way
  3. You haven't said anything about my match with Void.

  4. Ouki was losing until he got mad, then he started winning, then Houken unshackled, after which Ouki missed two chances to finish him off.

    I'm not actually sure what we're discussing here with this example. I'm just saying that Houken cannot be god tier when there is a number of people who can reach him, like Ouki, Renpa, Moubu, Kanmei and perhaps Gaimou, Earl Shi, Tou and the Duke.


    Like I said, I have no problem with the definition changing. Actually, the definition stays the same, it's just the variables that change. I don't consider Houken a god tier for the reason I just stated.

    Regardless of what I think of Houken though, would you not agree that the weakest top tier should be able to give the strongest top tier at least a low diff fight? Would it not be nonsensical to have two fighters in the same tier if one of them can no-diff the other?


    Ranbihaku is more of a best than he is a man, given his intelligence stat. Him being troublesome to anyone shouldn't be that weird.

    I don't see how Tou's interpretation would weigh more than what Houken said, the man who fought them both.

  5. he wasn't able to defeat ou ki because his body was too battered by the time he unshackled. ou ki wasn't stronger than hou ken at that point. hou ken was just handicapped throughout the whole fight.

    anyways, i said you're neglecting it because you insist on using a scale as inconsistent as hou ken despite acknowledging the several variables that influence his fights.


    the point is you can't use a scale that's constantly changing because of how inconsistent it is. can't use an argument like "oh, well, ou ki did better against hou ken" as a basis for tiering since it's completely possible that duke could've done better with a rage boost, or against hou ken's weaker bayou version.

    similarly, the kyou example doesn't consider her lack of rage or her reach disadvantage.

    you make sure to note the influences in individual fights, but disregard them completely in your comparisons. this way of tiering is bogus because it doesn't, and can't factor in all the variables in their different performances evenly.

    based on a statement in series

    besides, kyou actually had the upper hand on even hou ken throughout their whole fight up until hou ken stepped on her foot, so wouldn't really say he won there purely because he was the better fighter.

  6. Not really, because he's not out of everyone's reach.

    I'm not neglecting anything, I even mentioned how Houken said he was better at speed, strength and technique, yet he wasn't able to defeat him. He was about to die when Ouki stopped because he sensed Riboku approaching (ch 166). Same thing happened a little later, except this time the interference was an arrow (ch 169). You can't call him a god tier when there is someone who has shown to be stronger than him in a fight.

    Stronger or not, with all his weight and everything included, he was about to drop to 4-5 strikes.

    Rankings change all the time. Most characters are evolving. Does that mean that BoS tiers will be upheld until EoS? Of course not.

    It's used pretty much everywhere from what I've seen, the lowest in one tier shouldn't get fodderized by the highest in the same tier.

    So how's Rinbukun's portrayal? He's 1 point off from Kyou and conquered 100 cities (just like Kyou).

    Kyou giving Ouki trouble, based on what? She lost to a weak Houken, the same Houken who said that he didn't lose to Ouki because of fighting Kyou, but because there was a fundamental difference in their strength.

  7. i hadn't thought of it, but maybe. i'll put up an interest check thread sometime later.
  8. Yeah, I guessed as much. Think of making one this summer?
  9. hard to maintain interest in them when they're done kinda back to back like i was doing for a little
  10. What ever happened to UBD tourneys?
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