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  1. Mama raised a hellrazorrrrrr.
  2. blasphemy

    lord flacko jodye > your fav
  3. Twelvyy > Rocky
  4. Bro, could you vote for Fairy Tail in the sotm?
  5. Get on that.
  6. Yeah, I was gonna peg her at that. I also asked Numinous to calc her prep feat and he got 15 gigs per second for her energy output. Referencing either his or Y's calc should put her easily at Island+ all around.

    Potentially I could also put her at MHS+ for being able to tango with Acno.

    We'll see how it goes
  7. So what's she sitting at? I heard Y got some triple digit GTs from August's feat.

    If that's true, then we'd have solid island level Zeref, IgNatsu and Irene.
  8. Lol my fault.

    That's perfect. Mucho gracias ~ l
  9. Lmaoo, you should've said for an Irene profile then.

    Here you are.
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