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  1. Do you really look like Matt Damon?
  2. They sure do love their language, that much I knew. But it seems this love has reached their representatives in the UN...
  3. France does love it's language. And I think it wants to make sure the UN president thinks of France and it's interests or something.
  4. TIL
  5. If I recall correctly, France vetoes any incoming UN President who doesn't fluently speak French. lol
  6. If you know any folkloric/mythological tale or creature from your area of origin feel free to post in the history thread. We'll compare them to its counterparts from various cultures.
  7. Well that'a good to hear.

    And I will do. Most certainly.
  8. It's not bad. Gotta find something new and do it is all.

    I got faith you'll make the right calls.
  9. Well, we never know what life will bring us. Hopefully yours has changed for the better ;)
  10. It's okay. It sucks because it really changed the course of my entire life plan, but life goes on. Can't live your life on the bitter vine of what could have been and hate others for it. lol
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