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  1. Cool.
  2. I will return from my vacation tomorrow. I'm more busy irl nowadays and needed time to get into things but i should be back and available.
  3. We will restart Quality Control with you at the helm. Are you busy nowadays?
  4. Just in case you were wondering why I'm not so active, is because im quite busy at the moment work and family related.
  5. We need to work on affiliates, we just got another affiliate. Could you add them? They are called /r/Kingdom
    it's a discord server. Crispy posted a link in the Kingdom section, but not sure if it's a link that lasts forever, so will have to ask one later if that's not the case.
  6. The new year is almost here, perfect time to start back up on the Quality Control stuff we were talking about.
  7. Is there a limit for usernames like spaces or characters?
  8. Morale is high cause of X's return. Can you make a thread in the CC for quality control so we can brainstorm?
  9. Thanks Pops.
  10. Alright. We'll brainstorm soon.

    Also, I did the deed you PM'd me about.
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