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  1. Yeah, of course. I was interested in your opinion, which is why I asked about it. I think the whole gildarts - hades scaling situation is unclear, so wanted to hear your stance on it, that's all.
  2. yeah, my bad for the confusion. in my experience his 'devils eye' and his heart are generally seen as one in the same since his heart being destroyed took away all of his abilities.

    but yeah, feel everything would scale as you said.

    franmalth wouldn't discredit hades' strength, no.

    also, gildarts had the upper-hand on bluenote, and ultimately ended up one-shotting him when he regained his magic. that said, it's not like my word is law or anything; it's just my take on everything. could totally argue otherwise if you feel you have points that'd contradict what my stance.
  3. Also, but Gildarts matched Bluenote and base hades should be stronger than bluenote
  4. Oooh, you mean his Devil's Eye powerup.
    Also, fair point about gildarts, never thought about it.
    So basically then Gildarts should scale to Jellal, while Base Hades scales to wherever he is(small city I think) and his "devil's heart" also scales to jellal.
    Also, didn't franmalth use Hades's soul against natsu? Would this discredit hades being that strong in any way?

  5. also, gildarts was the strongest in fairy tail by far at that point. wouldn't be surprising if gildarts was stronger than base hades during that arc if laxus was able to keep up with him.
  6. Isn't his heart just regen?
    His power wasn't really boosted by the heart as far as I remember. Also, what about the gildarts to jura comparison?
  7. hades boosted by his heart could probably scale, but he definitely wouldn't in base.

    laxus was already fairly close to hades back at tenrou. laxus, jura, and jellal were just on an entirely different level during the gmg. also, had it not been for his artificial boost he would've lost to natsu's lfd roar.
  8. Hey, I have a small question.

    Do you think that Hades scales to Jellal's preskip Sema? It was stated that Jura would be a match for gildarts(Preskip), and hades should be at least as strong as preskip gildarts.
  9. that's really weird. sounds more like a control issue, rather than an output problem. like animus was too distracted by the fight to properly execute the attack, or something. y'know, since the magic circles are actually a product of him outputting that energy across the continent at one time. he just wasn't able to properly attack with them all simultaneously, for whatever reason. which is odd.

    that said, yeah, the multiplier statement should fly.
  10. Heh, knew I'd hit you with a hard question eventually

    The magic circles remained throughout the whole natsu vs animus fight, and they basically spammed explosions like this:

    It was basically the whole magic power filtered into millions of circles in order to reach throughout the continent, and it was done overtime.

    This situation seems similar to the FH Zeref's situation, where his magic energy =/= magic output. What I'm interested though is if we can still consider Dragon Cry's nonfiltered output 10x Etherion via statement.
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