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  1. They actually make sense now
  2. RIP Countrylevel OP on VSBW

    At least the OP profiles are fine
  3. They used the horizon to find the distance

    But yes, I myself am iffy about mutlipliers. And yeah, the multi-continent FT stuff is way too shaky. It would be more solid if we had an actual concrete showing of either etherion or August's suicide. Since it's mostly statements, I find that using mutlipliers for something that was stated is.... shaky.
    Besides, I'm against multipliers in general. They rarely make sense inverse. Like when Natsu used Dragon Force he stated that he is 3x stronger, but it's obviously far more than that.
  4. We dont even know how big his Dimension is/was

    Also lol mutliplier.

    Even as a FT supporter,believing that Natsu against Boros would have a chance to win is crazy
  5. The large country level comes from Tarmiel's ocean creating in his dimension(which is shaky as hell, since he didn't use it for DC, and used it only in his dimensions iirc)
    The continent level comes from mutliplier BS
  6. NNT God Tiers are Continentlevel now on VSBW

    but what brings them to this ballpark?I can not find a calc
  7. The Pictures is awesome right?
    I searchd on Google Pictures "acnologia" and found this picture.Here is the link
  8. Where did you get the Acno pic in your avatar?
  9. Haven't read the chapter yet
  10. Also Shikis new Combo is cool

    Massiv better than Natsus random punches
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