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  1. However Akainu managed to evaporate a steel sword without contact and an iceberg. Iirc doesn’t steal have a higher boiling point than water?
  2. Natsu's temperature should be hotter. We already had a discussion like this before. Changing the climate on an island for 2 years+ doesn't have anything to do with temperature. It's not like if the lava "was hotter" it would be possible. It's the same as arguing that natsu's heat is the hottest because he burned time.
  3. We had a debate about who had a more hotter temperature between Akainu and Natsu. And you posted a feat of Natsu evaporating water right? I still donít get why itís more impressive than changing the climate on a Island for 2 years+.
  4. Sounds interesting... Sure, I'm in
  5. Wanna help me create the greatest list showing who is the strongest Protagonists...
  6. Code Geass isn't really a good verse for matchups tbh. Lelocuh either stomps or gets stomped.

    But yea, I don't have any matchups in mind. If I would I'd create them already
  7. then I will have to feature One Piece and Code Geass for you seemingly those are your favourite series do you have any match ups for those verses in particular.
  8. Heya, everything's great!

    Now that you mention it, I also forgot to wish you a happy new year

    Tbh I really have no clue on which verses you could use. I'm not THAT well versed with different series, I just know the main ones. Sorry, afraid can't help you with this one.
  9. Hey mate how's it going I wanted to wish you a happy new year, sorry it took so long my timing is not the best in the world. Anyways I wanna ask you something what verses would you like me to feature for this years UB I can use the idea's.
  10. Yep one of the very first animes I watched, FT is a fine manga in its own way having very impactful moments like that of OP. I also like a handful of slice of life anime like Usagi Drop and magical animes like The Seven Deadly Sins.
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