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  1. "Hey, I'm a prominent member of TMF. Can I get your number?"

    LOL. XD
  2. Tell her you're a prominent member of TMF, how can she resist?
  3. I like a girl over there. How should I get her number? XD
  4. Never heard of it but I'm sure it's cool
  5. That's awesome man, I'm proud of you.

    I have a job at Jason's Deli. Had it for over 2 years.
  6. If you wanna talk you can just VM me lol

    I did get a new job recently. Working at a call centre.
  7. I'm doing good myself. Do you want to talk more on the chatbox?
  8. Can't complain.

    How's you?
  9. We haven't corresponded in a while. How are you?
  10. We shall see.
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