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  1. No worries. That sounds good, no worries. Thanks for your time!
  2. Looks like I missed this somehow. I'm going to make some changes to the site, and when I do I can make the affiliates something visible on the front page.
  3. Hey, wondering if it's possible at all to get the affiliates link of SD to be a static thing view-able from the index page? Like we've done there for our affiliates? Something at the bottom of the page or something that works into your design.
  4. You can just use this for now:
  5. I think so, but I'll just double check with the other guys what they wanna use. I'll reply again in 1-2 days with an image.
  6. Do you have a small image or something we can use as a logo for you guys?
  7. okay I've added you guys on our sidebar
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