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  1. Hi, Rave. Do you mind checking it out? If you're BnHA fan, then feel free to participate.
  2. They follow the same source, however they are a little bit different. You can't perfectly adapt a novel chapter, there is simply too many information and text. Re:Monster - author of this novel writes about every single day of the main hero, basically 1 day = 1 chapter. Manga skips a few days, but it's not a problem since most of these days are ''I went to the hot springs with x and fucked her''. As for Tensei Shitara - I can think only of 1 change, but once again, it's a big change, it doesn't change to story at all. If I would have to say, both of them are decent adaptations. I recommend reading both of them, especially Re:Monster. If you ever decide to read this manga, feel free to post in a thread of this series. I've made it some time ago.
  3. How do they hold up compared to their respective light novels? Are they stand alones or do they follow the source material?
  4. You mean Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken? Well, you never asked, so I thought there is no need to tell you about the manga. About the series I've finished reading recently - Re:Monster, novel. There is the manga version of it as well.
  5. You never said that that one light novel series you like had a manga. That Slime one

    Just saw there's English translated scans of the first 30 chapters or so
  6. Yo, Rave.

    Do you mind checking it out?
  7. Teresa is da besto. She does everything with such grace, & her character itself was done really well imo. Her epithet was the description of fitting

    Isley would probably be my 2nd or 3rd favorite. His character design was dope, his awakened form in particular. His fight with Luciela was really epic, one of my favorite fights for sure. Also liked the characterization he received, he's honestly an underrated character in general

    Miria, Galatea & Rigaldo also stood out. They each brought their own things to the table

    I like Clare and all, just feel like Teresa's GOATness overshadows her a bit. Not to mention, her plot power irritates me at times
  8. Oh, it's hard to choose only one favorite character, so there are a few of them...

    Obviously, Clare - she was a really enjoyable heroine.
    Teresa - I don't have to say anything, right?
    Galatea - I have to say, I didn't like her at the beginning, but it have changed later on. Her interaction with Clare and other characters, blindness which ''forced'' her to leave a position of Claymore and start working in a church, she even gave her arm to Clare. She was an awesome character.
    Isley - great man. At first I didn't understand why he was training Raki, but he was doing it so Raki could stop Priscilla, was it? His death scene was sad. I was quite angry when it happened. I mean, some beasts created by Organisation are able to defeat someone on this caliber? Anyway, he was a great character.
    Priscilla - I don't know why, but I really liked her as a villain. It proves that a good villain doesn't need a deep goal, flashback, etc, etc. In some cases, at least.

    Well, that's about it. I also liked Raki, Rigardo and Riful quite a bit, but I don't think they are on the highest tier.

    What about you?
  9. I feel ya there. The official scans are nowhere to be found online. Wouldn't mind buying the volumes & reading it again

    Changing the subject; so who were your favorite characters in Claymore?
  10. I haven't finished Pluto yet. I've read up to chapter 22 (?) - volume 3. I'm planning on ordering a few volumes (I hope I can order all of them), since I've saved some money. I prefer reading the book and manga in a book version after all.
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