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  1. Not really. I just know some of the strength hierarchy and a few feats that happened. All the weird terms make it hard to understand without some context, so that helped

    You're not missing out on much. He has the quite wank train thoguh, but in reality, he's not as near as strong as some of his fans would lead you to believe

    Yeah, it's easily up there with feats like Cosmic Armor Superman holding Limbo on his fingertip and the Living Tribunal holding two megaverses in his hands
  2. He did, however there's actually more to it, iirc. Oh, did you? Have you spoiled yourself anything related to the story?

    Well, I haven't read Beyonder, so that was simply my assumption from seeing the threads of his battles.

    Yeah, I have to agree with that. Lambda absorbing several books from the City of Books, where each book contains infinite number of universes and multiverses, Bern's cat holding the fragment (pretty much a universe) in its mouth, etc. I think there are actually some better feats, at least one of them. Aside from Featherine, that is. A certain witch is able to resurrect those whose existence was erased on conceptual level in a blink of eye.
  3. Battler doesn't scale to megaversal because he admitted complete inferiority to Bern & Lambda. Or at least, that was the reasoning that was used. I've seen Umineko be debated in battledomes a few time

    Beyonder had a bunch of hax as well. Too bad he sucked

    Lambda & Bern'a feats in their fight are sorta insane, some of the best feats I've heard of tbh
  4. Oh, that's Bern's and Lamba's level. I guess either one of them is a better match for 'Michael Jackson'. Though, Lambda is quite powerful with her probablility manipulation bullshit. Battler is around high-end multiversal, to possibly megaversal. Most likely slightly higher. He could hold his own against Bernkastel, and his punch reminded her of a concept of pain, which she has forgotten for over 300 years. In the manga it was even more than that. There's always Endless Magic, Endless Nine which nullifies any magical based attack (or simply supernatural), and the Red and Golden Truth which causes conceptual damage.

    No sure, though. I never really looked at Umineko from power based perspective.
  5. Battler only scales to some level of multiversal, pre retcon Michael Jackson is megaverse level+

    Battler is is at least stronger than the likes of Rune King Thor though
  6. Yeah, poor Rax, lol.

    I'm not sure, Battle should be able to put a match against pre-recton Beyonder, Endless Nine and Red Truth is quite haxed. Also, he was able to fight against Bern, possibly the third strongest character in the series. Jeez, so many things I want to say, but it's hard not to spoil. You better finish Umineko in a bit.

    Especially about the story, riddles, characters and other stuff.
  7. I was joking lol. Would be impossible to reach a definitive conclusion most likely. Rax's house would probably get destroyed in the process however

    What version of the Beyonder? Pre-retcon would be too much for Battler, the latter is below all of the Endless
  8. I don't like making the matches of that level of strength. Most of the time it's pretty much impossible to tell the winner of that match. Featherine would definitely put a good fight, but she barely have any feats. All we know about her is that she's the strongest character in the verse, and she could become The Creation, the omnipotent being (just like Kami Tenchi, TOAA, etc), but she didn't want to.

    I'm sure it would be better to put the Beyonder against some Umineko high tiers like Lambda, Bern or even Battler.
  9. You should've made a Lucifer vs Featherine thread

    She'd definitely be able to beat him

    What do you think about Deadpool with Dio's voice?
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