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  1. Weekly - HxH, BNhA, Gintama and One Piece if it doesn't get boring. Also, a few montly series like Grand Blue. Excluding that, I'm currently reading a novel called Tensei Shitara Smile Tatta Ken, playing Umineko (which is awesome) and rewatching Higurashi.

    Umineko is long as fuck, so I won't be able to finish it in a while.
  2. Yeah, it's basically Johan when he was wearing a wig. I'm a bit skeptical of her because of the resemblance

    What are you reading anyway? Only series I'm reading are Pluto, Lucifer & Superman Rebirth. Well HxH weekly as well
  3. Huh? Johan? I have seen a few character designs for Pluto and one guy looked like Johan with long hair.
  4. It's pretty short, I just started it the other day. Was kinda skeptical going in, but it's actually been really great so far. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hooked

    Was reading a chapter earlier today, and was completely stunned when I saw a character who just so happens to look exactly like a certain "monster"

    My plan was to start Billy Bat, decided to go with Pluto instead since it was a lot shorter
  5. Aye. No, I haven't read Pluto yet. I'm planning to do it, but I'm already reading a few series, so I don't really want to start another one. Well, it's one of Urasawa's works, so I'm definitely going to do it. Loved Monster and 20th Century Boys. After that I'm going to read Billy Bat as well.
  6. Aye bruh, have you read Pluto?
  7. That panel is pretty dope, the whole page is really.

    Some of that stuff is talked about in Sandman, so I'll tell you, better than scouring through dozens of issues for just a few lines of info

    Iirc, Lucifer rebelled three seconds after being created, he was later made King of Hell. He ruled over Hell for 10 billion years, but eventually left because he was bored.
  8. By the way, the best panel from these 3 issues:
  9. I just finished Sandman Presents: Lucifer, that was a good read. I enjoyed it. Considering the date of release, artwork is actually pretty good. The story was interesting, it's nice to see a world from a ''perspective'' of some higher dimensional being. Previous ruler of Hell is living on Earth, huh? I really liked the scene in Rachel's dream, that was confusing at the beginning though. Okay, the main character - Lucifer, I like him so far, quite a lot, he is an asshole though. I wonder why he left the Hell. Obviously, he is a Fallen Angel so he had some kind of ''fight'' with other angels, but I wonder what happened in Hell. Anyway, what's up with this these two other angels in Hell? I don't remember any other Fallen Angels, but I guess I will learn about them later on.

    As I said, I like it so far, so I am definitely going to continue reading. I have to get used to comics though, it feels a little bit off reading the comics.
  10. Don't worry, the art get's a lot better. This is what it looks like for most of the series:

    The first dozen chapters mainly just introduce you to the main cast & the setting of the series.
    Guess you could say the Nebraska family are the main antagonists of that part. Shit hits the fan right after

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention chapters 20.5 & 20.6 are bonus chapters that can be read whenever. You could watch the first few episodes of the anime too, it covers them well enough
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