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  1. Thank you

    NO! i need ur love
  2. It's too late. The only thing for me is to neg you a few times and give you a final golden bar by myself.

    No, seriously, congratulations. You sly bastard, you have more rep than me.

    That's unforgivable.
  3. Wake me up inside
  4. 43 Nyx 131 6586353 65880
    44 Jörmungandr 91 6511533 65121
  5. NU

    I love u babe </3

    I was supposed to be the one to give you your last golden bar. It's over, I am going to cut my wrist with a sponge.

  7. Ill try not to earn any

    I want you to be the one that gives me my final gold bar
  8. ''You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Nyx again.''

    Oh, I wanted to have a pleasure of giving you the final golden bar, damn it. You better don't get any rep today.
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