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  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes people ask me to recommend a comic and I'll just straight draw a blank.
  2. Hmm, as I said before, I don't watch that many mech series, so I can't really recommend you anything other than that. Obviously, there is some series like Evangelion, various Gundam series, etc. but I bet you've already seen them. It feels weird when you've read/watched over 1000 series, yet you can't even recommend anything good.
  3. Yeah. Great series. One of the those that stick with you visually and with quotes.
  4. Oh, what's what you meant. My bad.

    Have you seen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?
  5. I was gonna have people recommend me some mecha stuff. Lol

    If I were going to recommend some I might do as you said and put a pic, some info, and maybe a link.
  6. Well, I want to make the recommendation list in a single thread, for every single genre. I thought about making two lists: for the beginners (manga & anime), and for those who have seen quite a lot series (also manga & anime). If you're going to start your journey with anime and watch/read only some good stuff, then you won't be able to enjoy other, slightly worse series.

    How would you do that recommendation? Name, picture and your thoughts about that certain series? Well, if you need any help, then feel free to ask. I haven't seen and read that many mecha series, but I definitely know quite a bit of them.
  7. I think I'm gonna do one for mecha anime myself.
  8. I guess so. I really need to make that recommendation thread, but my laziness is killing me. I need some kind of motivation.
  9. It looks like you were able to successfully generate some good activity for a SotM. In fact, I think this may have been one of the better ones in some time.
  10. I think it's alright. I was expecting that we would get more participants but it's not bad, I guess. On the other side, TMF doesn't have as much BnHA fans as other popular series like Kingdom, so that should've been expected.

    Overall I think it's a pretty good tournament, I hope the next one (fanart tournament) will be more popular than the current one.
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