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  1. Game has resumed
  2. How long have your friends been there?

    Being away from home for too long is not great.I have been away from home for 3 months and I have to say it was not very nice
  3. yeah they went back home already
    hopefully my cousin can come up to visit me in a week or so ;-; she's studying abroad and is rarely home.
  4. That's good to hear

    Is it a bit calmer now?
  5. you've cheered me up already just by saying that
  6. That sounds nice AND irritating at the same time

    6 peoples.5 laugh and have fun and one of them has to work.Ouch

    I would like to cheer you up so much
  7. oh my thread is still getting question?

    I have 5 friends over in my tiny apartment who came to visit me XD We went to lunch ♥ I'm at work now though while they are laughing and leaving me out cuz they are on holiday ;-;
  8. Good.And you?

    PS: Please answer my question in your AMA Thread
  9. how are you my dear?
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