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  1. Delly,can you answer me a little Question?

    Its obv you dont like Rax and probaly COV.Since I belong more or less to the two(FT supporter),I would like to know from you why I am the only one with whom you speak quite normal and friendly.

    There must be a reason.It would be very friendly of you if you can answer this question
  2. I think PoPīs is salty.He just can not stand it that some people have a different opinion than him when it comes to Whitebeard.
  3. Idk.For the same reason they wank Mihawk.
  4. Delly,

    you are already longer in this forum so I would have a small question.Why is WB and is crew so fucking overrated/wanked?
  5. What word would you prefer?

    Buddy?Bro?Colleague?(But I'm pretty sure that this word in the German has a slightly different meaning than in the English)
  6. friend is a weird word.
  7. Hey Dellinger,

    Can we be friends?

    I mean, we are not the same opinion from time to time,but also sometimes the same opinion.

    For example, that luffy is a good main char

    What are you saying?
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