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  1. There are two that I can remember:

    - Go back to Gale Shrine and fight the Canine Warriors
    - Go back to Yoshpet Forest and race Kai
  2. Are there still secret bosses left?

    Or was the Gates the biggest Challenge?
  3. Yeah, the hardest one has 8. Good luck memorising that
  4. For now,not

    But i watched a YT-Video.Same Blockheads like the rest just with more "weakspots"

  5. Have you faced Blockhead Grande?
  6. I have now defeated also Gate nr.3.

    In my opinion gate 2 was the hardest.Nagi was just 3 big tanks but not that hard
  7. Nooo you already know what's coming

    Hardest bosses in the game. Stock up on Vengenace slips would be my advice.
  8. So,i finishd now Devil gate 1 and 2.I need to say,Gate 1 was easy,Gate 2 was a lot harder.FFS,some of this faggs can kill me with 5 hits.luckily i have enough bones for Ammy

    how strong are the 3 nagis in Gate 3?
  9. Told me when you start the new Tournament(s)

    Yeah,Nineails was great.Then Orochi.I like the Idea"Make him drunk and kill him"
  10. We have a quite a few tournaments scheduled soon, might have to wait a while.

    Ninetails is best boss
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