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  1. made a superthread called Nyx recommendations or something, its stickied in the library.

    You can check it out, was about to add another series in.
  2. No. I recently started the Kane Chronicles where I left off. I should make a thread about that.

    Make threads about any interesting books. Maybe we'll find people to help us out.
  3. Have you started magnus chase yet?
  4. I hyped it up for a reason

    Ok, ill make some threads.
  5. No I have not, but soon I will.

    As for Project Bookshelf, for now just do whatever you think will help.
  6. Have you started Magnus Chase yet?
  7. Sure. What did you have in mind?
  8. Let's get back on Project Bookshelf.
  9. Get on them.

    Once you finish Magnus chase, I have another heaping pile of books for you.

    Think of it as an incentive.

    How lucky you are to be allowed into my personal library
  10. Man, I haven't even finished the Kane Chronicles. I got sidetracked LLAB. Thanks for reminding me.
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