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  1. What exercises do you do?

    Currently im swimming an hour a day, crossfitting 3x a week, and im thinking about buying a mountain bike for after winter.
  2. My bad, my bad.

    What chapter?

    The snake..

    oh but ive said to much
  3. Yeah, I'm still on book one lol.
  4. Ah. My bad.

    Book 3 is where it shines
  5. Well, I'm not done with the Kane Chronicles yet lol.
  6. Good stuff for sure.

    and now... Magnus chase.

    Perhaps. Ill try my best to contribute to those threads, I can ask people to come over and join the conversation too.
  7. Yes, they were good. I wouldn't rate this as high as the greek stuff, but very good nonetheless.

    I'm not sure what to do about Project Bookshelf. I'll start making threads again, maybe that'll spark something.
  8. Nice. I really loved the introductory chapters.
  9. It's good so far. I'm a few chapters in. I love the references to Manhattan lol.
  10. How goes with the kane chronicals?
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