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  1. It takes quite a bit, and I mean past the point of easter eggs to just blatant stealing, from other series, but its still pretty good overall.
    I managed to get to chapter 66 in one sitting, so its not terrible. You should read it as its sure to become a big topic what with rax replacing fairytail for it.
  2. How do you like Black Clover so far? Thinking of reading it so I can engage in some discussions.
  3. Just you wait for Fablehaven tho
  4. Yeah, I have a feeling it'll be great.
  5. Magnus Chase...

    You are in for such a treat. Norse mythology is really something, make sure you set some time for this one.
  6. Just been pretty busy. As usual, the series is great.

    I'm really excited to start Magnus CHase though.
  7. Taking it slow, huh? How are you liking it?
  8. Nah, still only on the second book lol.
  9. You finish the Kane Chronicles?
  10. Great, I think reading a little here and there over time is excellent. How do you like the kane chronicles thus far?
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