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  1. Where the fuck are you? Y has gone wild.
  2. What is it?
  3. Join the World Government group.
  4. One after another. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in May 2014 and then went into Education September 2014. Since I already had my first degree, I only needed to take two years to finish my Bachelor of Education.
  5. Were you doing both at once? Or one after the other?
  6. I finished it in May. I have a four year Bachelor of Arts in English and a four year Bachelor of Education.
  7. You said you're working on your second degree, right?
  8. Dang. Just looked it up. Thought maybe it would be an hour or two away.
  9. Annandale, NC is pretty far from here. I'm in North VA.
  10. What city do you live in? I might be in North Carolina for American Thanksgiving.
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