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  1. i actually do it today, but i find it too much of a hassle and probably won't do it in the next threads
  2. you didn't? Even this time? D:

    you're right on this one, gonna do it in a second
  3. you think i'm the one who made it?

    actually, do your job by unpinning the previous chapter discussion threads lol. They hurt my eyes
  4. no

  5. Can't I just leave things to you to clean up my mess, Moderator-san?
  6. for the future chapters and threads in general

  7. Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too
  8. Merry Christmas, man. Hope the year to come will bring good things.
  9. yep. DR is probably one of the few PSP game that I enjoyed very much. I wasted so much time on MHFU, but trying to figure out DR's mystery is probably one of the most memorable moment before my PSP died lol
  10. Ok but don't forget

    Liked the first DR?
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