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  1. Hey, that's true, probably about two months
  2. hey, i feel like it's been a while, dede
  3. I'm asking for your vote first
  4. Why haven't you abandoned moral chains?
  5. You though she was my feminine counterpart?
    Seems like it went well, not really encouraging your attitude of chasing after girls usually but it's nice to see you're at least able to make contact with them now. Good going
  6. me and abby spoke yesterday, and naturally and non-creepily too. She's actually a fairly normal girl as opposed to a goddess that lies in a realm beyond me like I feared
  7. you mentioned some sort of scholarship thingie in the chatbox. Did you win something?
  8. Written part is May 21rst and oral part on the 7th and 8th of July
  9. your name evolved again

    when is that exam btw?
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