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  1. it's such a good read, you won't regret

    I'm only on into a reread of it rn actually lol
  2. Yeah I thought about it, I use the kingdom theme but know nothing about it on here.
  3. You should read kingdom
  4. you can read TPN here, its ongoing and they release weekly

    warning: some chapters have cliffhangers that will make you throw your hands because you want to see what happens next
  5. I wasn't expecting that lol. That actually sounds really interesting, is it ongoing or completed?
  6. The Promised Neverland is about these kids raised in an orphanage to become food for aliens. The smarter the kid the more valuable they are to the aliens. These kids in the orphanage try to escape and that is where the story starts.
  7. What's Promised Neverland about?
  8. Yeah I do read some: my favorites are Shokugeki No Soma, The Promised Neverland, and Naruto pre time skip. I haven't read One Piece and I plan on starting Seraph of The End. I really liked Rosario Vampire but they ended it abruptly.
  9. what manga do you read?
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