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  1. just get rid of him.
  2. tfw the girl you have complicated feelings for has a boyfriend...
  3. Aww mc
  4. Hey Allara, I know I act a fool
    But, I promise I'm gonna finish school
    I appreciate what you allowed for me
    I just want you to be proud of me

    I wanna tell this whole world about a friend of mine
    This little light of mine, I'm finna let it shine
    I'm finna take y'all back to them better times
    I'm finna talk about my homie Allara, if y'all don't mind
    I was 16 years old, when you first came to TMF, naive and kind
    Late June, heartbroken summer, gave me depressive thoughts
    You made me laugh so hard, had my stomach in knots
    And I was thinking, "next, I'll go delete some bots"
    You stayed up late nights, just to keep my soul up in heights
    Allara would give up anything just to let me know my right
    And you would give me anything on this forum
    Then you left the Muslim club and I was thinking I can't help but adore him
    And you never put no member over me
    And I love you for that Allara, can't you see?
    17 years old, when I saw you with tears in your eyes
    Cause your boycrush tellin you lies
    And I started to cry, till we chilled in the CB
    I said "Allara, you're a great friend to MC"
    And when I'm older? You're gonna function even more beautifully
    And I'mma get you that fleshlight that was 75.73
    See you're, unbreakable, unmistakable, highly capable baby that's making loot
    A living legend too, just look at what heaven do, send us an angel, and I thank you,
  5. I fucking hate when people say "MC you're an asshole". Like dude, I'm not a fucking asshole. I'm just extremely and notoriously blunt. It's not my fault people don't know how to react when the truth isn't sugarcoated for them. People are such pussies, to the point they can't handle a little bit of anything that isn't circle jerking praise. If anything I'm less of an asshole than that guy who's lying to you to save your feelings, cause I'm not wasting your time and actually trying to help you grow. We live in such a PC society it's fucking ridiculous. Sorry for the rant man, just had to vent really quickly. Figured you could relate since we're both just a couple of skinny ass niggas with big ass black dicks who mind their businesses and keep it real with people that really be blunt as shit and don't be sugarcoating shit.
  6. too tiresome, btw, if I don't respond to a whatsapp text it's because the power button on my phone isn't working so I can't turn it on
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