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  1. Probably not.

  2. you gonna roll more?
  3. Got it.

    No. Got such a terrible roll I repressed the memory.
  4. you're doing very well lately in TA but I'd say pace out your threads so you'll have reserves to fall on later. one thread made every 2-3 days should be good

    btw, no Semis?
  5. oh, well glgl

    just as I typed my answer, I got her. I hope you get her too

    general thread would be better
  6. Waiting until Friday since I have some card issues so getting a new one on that day.

    You'll get out of it soon.

    Would you want to discuss it here or is Pm/SNS general thread better?
  7. thanks, you rolled yet?

    I'm trying not to accept it but I was stuck in a mini rut between Christmas/New Years and Setsuban. it looks like this is my rut now

    sounds good
  8. Good luck.

    Don't remind me.

    Would probably be for the best.
    Still need to at least think of the General format though.
  9. just bought my last shipment before Lent, wish me luck in the morning

    same, though sometimes one is stuck in that rut

    we'd need an interest thread first I'd say
  10. Just stop.

    In my case I keep spending since I don't want it to be a waste.

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