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  1. You know,Rax ask me to post this?Look at my profile you can read it.
  2. Rax and COV are banned why you dont unban them?You are a Admin
  3. only difference between me and a normal member is i have a cool red name and an obligation to do stuff for the section i'm appointed to

    have no more power or rights than you do
  4. Teo,

    What right do you have as Contributor?And what for power
  5. BGTP came out in 2011

    Its more or less a Erza clone.

    But the war memorial is new
  6. you mean exactly like erza
    similar armor and all

    figured mashima must've gotten a good bit of erza's design from that character
    or the other way around
  7. Nobunaga Oda from Battle Girls Time Paradox

    She looks a bit like Erza
  8. yo, who's that in your set?
  9. You hardly ever post

    I mean,at best you make 2 Post in the UBD
  10. eh, define inactive

    i'm on here pretty much everyday
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