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  1. Awesome
  2. that's fine, yeah
  3. So i wanted to double check the mirror shield from ALTTP is Moon level but the one from OoA/OoS is only large island is that ok?
  4. KK got yea
  5. yeah, that should be taken away
  6. Awsome, Also one more qustion so the Mirror Shield can block up to Moon level attacks and magic should i take this away to ? or is it fine cause it's a shield and can be disarmed and doesn't have damaging ability's?
  7. sure, that's fine. as long as there's a profile that puts him at island level to fall back on i'll let him slide. updated your team list in the thread
  8. I was going by the Vs battle one The things that make him star level or the Full Tri-force or the master sword so i can just not use those cause there not always with him. Same thing goes for the medallions i can just take them away.

    Is that fine? Also i won't use the harp of ages ether cause time fuckery.
  9. yo. just checked the obd's profile for link and seems like he's a bit too powerful for the tourney based off of it


    did you have a reference profile for him other than the obd?
  10. Okay cause Link To The Past takes place first and then ends with links awaking with the oracle game's being in the middle. Link doesn't take the items from the previous games with him into the new games (obv for game play reasons). But It is the same link and hasn't ever been shown IC or talked about throwing away previous items.
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