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  1. Will do
  2. Please start and monitor the situation of the site in terms of the quality of discussions etc. Looks like you're already doing this somewhat. Then, in a day or so, we'll come together to formalize a plan for improving the quality of discussion overall.
  3. Thanks, it's no big deal I just get rid of them when I see them around.
  4. Good job with the bots. I just deleted a bunch (like 40 or so) and will start working on a perm solution.
  5. Something happened, bots are VERY active atm. I banned a few already that were advertising one after the other.
  6. Sounds good to me, fill me up on the plans or people.
  7. Excellent. I'm thinking of a new unofficial system of improving quality.

    I call it the helper system. Basically, I've come to the conclusion that Contributors and mods can't do what they need to do on their own. But, if they have help rom regular members in an organized effort suddenly things start improving real fast. Take a look at the OP section, just two members working with Tyrion has improved the section by a very small, but noticable amount.

    What do you think? There'd be no official ranks or anything, just whoever wants to help out for the sake of the section/forum.
  8. You are looking at TMF's Detective and person with most people knowledge here. Fate already led you to the right person
  9. How good are you in terms of sniffing out quality members?
  10. Yeah I thought you were, it needs more interest tbh.
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