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  1. Ah, that's quite a ways down there. Unfortunate.
  2. no worries. i'm planning on going to l.a. for camp flog gnaw.
  3. Man, I totally missed your comment in the CB. Sorry dude. I'm near Sacramento. Where you planning to go?
  4. You're right. I don't know what I was thinking. I saw the purple and assumed it had to have been him
  5. nightfall can't match this quality of name change
  6. Thought you were Nightfall changing his name again
  7. it's honestly a guilty pleasure. fairy tail is my favorite manga but it's not necessarily because the quality is great, i just personally enjoy it. don't get me wrong, there's still going to be some amazing and memorable moments i feel is worth the read. mashima is still a great mangaka. but you can expect to be disappointed a bit as well.

    all in all, it's not a great manga but it's still worth the read (especially if you're planning on getting more active in the ubd). a lot of the claims about how bad fairy tail is are exaggerated but there is a good amount of truth to some of them as well. i'd recommend following through to the end but i can't really vouch for it having great quality.

    i mean, there is still good reason why it's so popular despite all the criticism it gets.
  8. So you like Fairy Tail, yeah? That's cool and all. I'm curious, how does the story fare from the GMG arc onwards? Asking you because I'd like a more level-headed opinion than I might find elsewhere.
  9. referring to the seven sins, right?

    if he's created them in combat before it should be fine
  10. Can Father make his Homunculi in the Universal War?
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