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  1. kek
    I don't we can use Hawk as evidence against it.
    I'll just use Red demon Hendy
  2. those attacks seem survivable

    hawk managed, after all

    probably mostly pis but makes whether or not it's absolute arguable enough for me to pass it imo
  3. Really? I thought stuff like Dark snow and Dead End would be restricted.
  4. sure thing. can't think of anything that'd be wrong with it.
  5. Would Gray demon Hendy abilities be allowed?
  6. Yeah, understand that character's stats are discussed on on their profiles
  7. but of course they're not all accepted outright, if that's what you were wondering..

    accuracy of the profiles are usually discussed in the profile threads and whatnot.
  8. Alright..
  9. no sir.

    anyone can make one.
  10. Do I need permission to make a UBD profile?
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