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  1. Unknown, just looking around and trying out different things to see if i like em.
  2. What job are you trying to secure then?
  3. Not really, I don't have much permissions, which is why Im the assistant and mainly focus on the sports and "teach" and guide them how to properly do said sports. But I have some experiences and know people with various conditions.

    We have tons of different kind of people walking around ranging from people lile you and me to people like timmy from southpark.
  4. Hmmm. So basically you're physical therapy for the mentally disable? Do you have any education for that?
  5. Pretty much, socializing, hearing and helping them out, keeping them and myself active, flexible and fit, getting them out of their rooms.
  6. So, you help people with mental issues?
  7. Assistant sporting instructor at mental health clinic.
  8. What is your current job?
  9. Attempting to find a better job, getting fitter, spend more time with family and do more of the things I personally want.
  10. What does life in 2018 look like for you?
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