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  1. ye he will msg you tmrw or somethin
  2. eh dunno, maybe half an hour?

    ill be online more frequently again (try, exam phase atm) so he can send me contact details or jsut write a pm and the usual jazz
  3. How much longer are you going to be online for

    he might come if your gonna be on for a while
  4. did a part migrate to somewhere else? lol

    just tell him to get on here, old times sakes etc. etc.
  5. idk i dont see him much on this site
  6. ?

    lol, isn't he active on here anymore?
  7. MC wants to get in touch with you

    you want his email or his phone #
  8. Yea nothing's changed here

    Same old shit
  9. cool. an h ago or so. barely remembered how to post images.

    place seems to be to its usual antics lol
  10. Chillin. When did you get back
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