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  1. Well I'm sure you'll still love nursing. Do you see yourself being a nurse practitioner, or is there any aspect/niche of nursing that interests you most?
  2. Yeah and I think the advisor said something like how their is limit to how many credits we can go for before the prices skyrocket.

    Thats good to hear. Hopefully 2019 goes well for you.
  3. Hmm, didn't want to go through with changing your major to something else?

    It's going alright. I'm actually about to finish my associate's degree and will likely be transferring to a university in a couple months myself. I'm looking forward to 2019 in many ways.
  4. Same to you MC.

    Well I’m transferring to a new university and yeah I’m sticking with Nursing right now. How is your education going though?
  5. It is, but we'll get there eventually. Keep going hard, Albion!

    That's great, last time I checked you were considering not doing nursing anymore, right? Have you made up your mind on what you will do?
  6. I see. Sadly it takes a lot to be in a position that you think is perfect for yourself at that moment.

    Hmm it’s been an up and down year with a lot of family issues rising up but my school life is finally improving and my social life is getting a bit better as well.
  7. I've been okay. 2018 was a mixed bag and I'm not exactly in my ideal position, but I guess the lesson constantly reinforced is that I am my own worst enemy. It was a year of growth though, for sure.

    How about yourself?
  8. How have you been?
  9. Thank you, Albion.
  10. Nice to see you again.
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