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  1. Yeah, I saw it. It was kind of...uh...weird?

    Feel like the series has taken quite the turn.
  2. Its out btw
  3. There is

    Its just late for some reason
  4. Is there no Houseki chapter this month?
  5. Guess it would be nice to get some good members, but I don't really browse other forums. If you think there's someone who'd be a nice addition, give them a nudge.
  6. I visited the section once and it had like 1 page of threads.

    I suppose there would be some, but mangahelpers has more if you are interested in recruiting.
  7. Heard they had a ToG section that's not very active, think they have any potential members for us?
  8. Yeah

    It's Magni, but I'm not really active there
  9. You got an account on Orojackson?
  10. Whops, forgot about this.

    Dia, huh? Why?

    Yeah, the series definitely stands out. I'm not really big on anime, so I'll take your word for it.

    That was a shame, he was a cool character. The ice though, really chuckled when it started comforting Cairngorm (or whoever it was).
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