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  1. No alone time?

    Naught but limp softness remains of my hard, stiff passion.
  2. Just make sure to like, subscribe, and share that passion with friends.
  3. Yeah, passion.

    I'd like to see some more of that. In private.
  4. Passion, eh?

  5. Eh, you know, people.

    It was nice seeing your passion though.
  6. That's the whole lameness of the misunderstanding. If Superman were weak to magic then literally anybody could beat Superman by learning the spell to unlocking a door.

    Bendis is a comic book writer.
  7. Who is that? Is that another character with a weakness to magic like Superman?

    Since Batman doesn't have that weakness, doesn't that mean he could just learn magic and beat Superman?
  8. Maybe with a Bendis episode.
  9. Unleash the beast.
  10. Yeah. Screaming hysterically into my phone isn't really my thing. lol
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