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  1. The new year is almost here, perfect time to start back up on the Quality Control stuff we were talking about.
  2. Is there a limit for usernames like spaces or characters?
  3. Morale is high cause of X's return. Can you make a thread in the CC for quality control so we can brainstorm?
  4. Thanks Pops.
  5. Alright. We'll brainstorm soon.

    Also, I did the deed you PM'd me about.
  6. Sure, I'm actually trying to get people to join. One of my friends is joining right now, will have to see how I'm going to improve quality other than what we've tried though.
  7. I'm going to have GP restart Project External, but I will need to run Quality Control concurrently. Are you up to the task?
  8. Will do
  9. Please start and monitor the situation of the site in terms of the quality of discussions etc. Looks like you're already doing this somewhat. Then, in a day or so, we'll come together to formalize a plan for improving the quality of discussion overall.
  10. Thanks, it's no big deal I just get rid of them when I see them around.
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