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  1. If you ever wanna talk about it over PM to blow of some steam or something I'm always available.

    I hope it wasn't too bad.
  2. Life is just really stressful for me right now, and I had a pretty bad meltdown.

    I'm doing okay at the moment.
  3. Hey there.

    I saw yesterday in the CB you were having a rough day, but didn't have a chance to reach out.

    Everything going okay on your end?
  4. It's not really sexually suggestive and she appears to be 18 if that's what your concern is, so it should be fine on that front.

    The only thing I can offer for advice is if you can make it smaller it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  5. would you think this would be ok to have as a sig?
  6. I think you'll have to ask an admin.
  7. is there a way to check how many threads ive made?
  8. Elux (Nightfall) is the mod of the PH section. I have no authority or mod control there.

    I'll keep an eye out in case something needs to be recommended, though.
  9. Keep an eye out on the thread in PH on dropping manga.
  10. Yeah, it's getting to where I need to step in.
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