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  1. Not bad. Sig feels a bit clunky for some reason, though. Maybe it if had some sort of fading effect.
  2. Can I get an opinion on my new set?
  3. I got confidence you'll show the staff your conviction.
  4. I'm gonna try really hard to become one some day since the GS section is my favorite.
  5. Upper staff isn't super keen on awarding contributor status to more than one person per section, and since Jor is currently serving in that capacity it would be a hard sell.

    But that doesn't institute any sort of possibility. And I see your efforts have been increasing lately. The secret to becoming a contributor is the behavior of already working like one until the staff can no longer deny your goals and intents.

    Keep it up, and I'll start collecting info on your endeavors.
  6. Do you think it's possible for me to become a contributor for the GS section?

    Do you personally feel that I earned that title?

    Be honest with me please. I trust your opinion.
  7. If you ever wanna talk about it over PM to blow of some steam or something I'm always available.

    I hope it wasn't too bad.
  8. Life is just really stressful for me right now, and I had a pretty bad meltdown.

    I'm doing okay at the moment.
  9. Hey there.

    I saw yesterday in the CB you were having a rough day, but didn't have a chance to reach out.

    Everything going okay on your end?
  10. It's not really sexually suggestive and she appears to be 18 if that's what your concern is, so it should be fine on that front.

    The only thing I can offer for advice is if you can make it smaller it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
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