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  1. At the faculty right now. Probably in 4 hours I can play (not even joking) have been at faculty since 9AM, right now it's 5 and I finish 7-8pm lol
  2. Up for a game .
  3. Nice stuff btw, I'll show you a picture I took if I can find it...Also with my phone the Nexus 5
  4. Probably gonna stay for a while, might not be as active as I used to be because of college. But I'll still be there, waiting, watching, in silent hoping for the first moment to rape a TMFian
  5. Welcome back. Passing visit or are you going to stay a while? Posted a thread about some pictures I took with my phone (Nature pictures) a while ago. You can find it in the art gallery if you are interested.
  6. Hey can you send your account balance PM? Include the items and money you have so far (and if possible any home plans if you have done any)

    ^ This is a copied PM sent to all users I am awaiting PM from, so if you did do home plans dont think that I dont know about it, all actions are recorded. But just in case, send me everything about yourselves
  7. You'd be surprised of what you as a person can be capable of. It all depends on how you study, many people study for hours just to get 1 info into their brain, while others study 1 hour and finish a whole subject.

    There is a trick to studying you see... As long as you make it "fun" you will memorize EVERYTHING. You see, forcing stuff into your brain doesnt work, and takes a lot of work and puts a lot of pressure on your brain... Why do that when you can have fun and study at the same time? It's basically achieving the "impossible" in people's eyes...

    Of course not everyone like studying and as a matter of fact I HATE studying the most, in fact it's one of 2 things I hate in life. But that doesnt mean you can't convert what you read into a fun story.

    Since talking about it isnt really going to help, watch this video it should help you start off the right way.

    Your brain is capable of many things, more than you imagine, it's just that you dont give it what it wants. Treat it as if it was a person instead of something or as if it yourself. Imagine your brain as a seperate person who has feelings, needs and wants just like you. You'd be surprised of what you can achieve!
  8. How do you manage to be so focused on studying for exams.
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