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  1. Yeah, of course. Once again, thank you. I wouldn't know without you.
  2. Well, keep a lookout for that thread :P It won't be hard for me to update it when new stuff is out, so check on it from time to time Should find a game you don't own sooner or later :P
  3. I own Watch Dogs, but thanks anyway.
  4. I remember promising you that I would tell you about games when they are for free and stuff. I forgot when Guns of Icarus was for free, BUT! I have something better now

    And yes you end up owning the actual game
  5. Oh, I finally got my internet back. I'm sorry about that, it feels weird to ask someone to stream yet not being able to watch it.

    Once again, so sorry.
  6. Okay, okay. I won't be able to watch a stream for long time, but I guess an hour will be alright. I think CS:GO is one of the most enjoyable games to stream, so I hope someone is going to watch as well.
  7. Will start streaming right after I finish eating. (Just about to start now)
  8. Could you link me your Twitch account? I remember following you.
  9. lol, just enough time for me to go and do something and come back
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