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  1. go on

    so is there a chance Stark/Wakanda could just whip up something in place of the mind stone and bring Vision back in the MCU?
  2. Yeah. In the comics it is strictly technology that has some divine spark to it. Sorta. They evolve into their own cosmic beings.

    The Vision's gem in the comics was just a solar collector/projector. lol Absolutely nothing cosmic about it.
  3. but in the comics it's not an infinity stone right? just like how Vision's stone in the comics isn't one either?
  4. It's a Marvel McGuffin that's been around since the sixties, generally associated with AIM or the Red Skull, and it turns wishes into reality. In the MCU it's the Tesseract that just opens space bridges. In the comics they're technology that eventually becomes sentient.
  5. what the heck is the cosmic cube anyways? a mcguffin just for this story?
  6. Why not? It was a cosmic cube story, so it's sorta a Thanos sort of story. lol
  7. why him of all villains?
  8. Nah. Thanos was featured in a Spider-Man/Hellcat story, it wasn't just for Thanos. Sort of like Marvel Adventures or the upcoming IDW line.
  9. did they have one for other villains?
  10. Yeppers.
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