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  1. Listen, I get that you're trying to just have the last word in here, and that's fine. After this, I'll let you have that. But I feel as if it's gotten to the point where I'm gonna have to write this eventual copypasta.

    You may seem like you want amusement, but with that amusement comes the attention that you crave so desperately. You do this around the forum, but I have noticed you do this with me the most. Even when I don't post quote you, you're just waiting to reply to the thread -- eager for a retort.

    I want to let you know it's not exactly healthy. I am someone who has done this for attention as well, maybe out of bordeom, and some a bit out of necessity. I was able to recognize when it was an issue, and therefore ended up going inactive for a little while.

    I think that you have an issue with speaking to anyone and especially someone who is of the opposite sex because of the lack of social skills. Either because of your upbringing or possible culture. But I do believe it has stunted you greatly.

    I know the last retort of this will probably be intelligence or weight related, but I need you to understand that there are better ways to get your "amusement" -- I know your initial reaction will be a laugh and not to take it seriously, but maybe revisit it after the fact and realize you might need some help.
  2. That’s the truth.
  3. I don't deserve this, Mak. She looks perfect tonight.
  4. Unfortunately too true.
  5. And when you think about it, as much of a grouch he is, Red is actually a good dad. He lets Eric’s friends stay in the house, tolerates Eric’s shenanigans, gives Eric a car, and so on.

    Even though he’s hyped up as an ass, he’s actually not bad depending on your perspective. I think he’s just too old fashioned to see he’s raising Eric in Eric’s world, not Eric in Red’s world.
  6. That's true. You've tipped over when Red is the hero of the show.
  7. It’s still enjoyable, but once you realize minor things like the ones I mentioned it kinda takes you out of it. Like Hyde and Kelso making moves on Donna, Fez hiding in Jackie or Donna’s closet, kissing without consent, or constantly telling Eric how Donna is out of his league. Makes you think about how much of a dick all the kids are.

    You know you’ve grown up when you side more with Red than the Gang.
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