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  1. that's rough
    I wish you the best
  2. not for now at least.. but i'm not so sure next week
  3. so no more sleepless nights I hope ;-;
  4. if only lmao. Life isn't that easy sadly. Thankfully now i have a bit of breathing room
  5. I'd imagine being competent is a minimum requirement, but life never follows logic XD.
  6. if you can get past the shitty working hour, then it's actually quite an enjoyable job honestly.

    Although it will help tredemously if you get competent co-workers since it will cut the time needed by a lot lol
  7. oh you're an auditor
    my friend is an auiditor and I can agree that her hours are shitty and she always comes home with works, and they send her all over the country, even to remote areas for work. It's bad XD.
    She recently took leave to finish a course in school though.
  8. auditors get shitty working hour lol
  9. oh boy, why are you working so much
  10. lmao, i don't have trouble sleeping, i might even able sleep on floor or chair just fine. I just couldn't since i'm working about 20 hours a day even on weekend
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