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  1. Gotta spread. But I lost it on the gardening section comment.
  2. That would be hilarious.
  3. Ohhh haha..i saw two jehovas witnesses driving to work. I should of rolled down my window and said GOOD MORMON lol
  4. The Mormon thing came from the autocorrect in my phone. It accidentally spelled "Mormon" instead of "Morning," so I started using it. One time it mispelled "Mormon" as "Moron," so I used that for a while until I became a mod.
  5. Set up the guest room in my place. That's about it.

  6. I'm good mayne. Any plans this weekend?
  7. Shoot. Didn't see you in the CB.

    How you been?
  8. Sorry I couldn't get back to you.

    Put it under Manga Series in the GSD.
  9. Hey Mak. If i wanted to create a thread on old school anime would general series discussion be the place? I was kind of suprised there isn't anything already.
  10. No problem. Thanks dude.
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