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  1. Shoot. Sorry I didnt' see this because I would've wanted in.
  2. Hey Mak. Im gonna stream Akira here shortly. So far its me and Vice watching. Wanna join us?
  3. Oh man, I can't even imagine how hard it would be to make that sort of story.

    You'd have to have a few different ideas at least, and develop them all to be unique experiences that sometimes might blend together.

    It hurts my head just thinking about it.
  4. Hey bro i didn't know if you noticed i changed my name. LOL I just wanted to say i'm still working on my choose your own path novel. It's turning out to be quite an ordeal as i keep coming up with more ideas, but i might need someone to proof read it. If you don't mind i might PM you with a rough draft one of these days.
  5. No prob. It can be sort of confusing in the script, but when it works it works well.
  6. Holy crap that helps alot thanks.
  7. No way. I was messing with that and couldn't get it to work for some reason...let me try again.
  8. You can.
  9. The only thing i wish you could do is put spoilers within spoilers.
  10. Im gonna try it! lol The only thing that makes it kind of difficult is there is no physical pages to turn its just all the spoiler tags so im trying to think of a way to seperate them.
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