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  1. been busy as well bro. tog is finally back and it started off good.
    missed you
  2. Going great, busy as always. How've you been?
  3. how are your studies going bro?
  4. it’s good bro, thanks
  5. It kinda loses the contrast effect and looks a lot less imposing on a white background, but here it is.

    Though the edges were quite bad so I sharpened them a bit.

    Unfortunately this is the best I can do right now because I'm really tight on time. If you want me to do something else with it, I'll probably have time on saturday.
  6. yeah, white. would make a perfect sig
  7. What would you like it to be, white?
  8. zentosu, think you can get rid of the background for a brother?

  9. they come in a pair
  10. Both are great, and it's like they're made as a response to each other.
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