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  1. life of a law student tbh, when school starts for me i’ll be mentally dead
  2. u a real legend

    life's been pretty good to me, just got really busy the past few months and had to get away from all distractions
  3. fastest yet, u see me vro. hows life?
  4. my nigga finally purprle
  5. next time you hop on and don’t greet the family i’m throwing hands

  6. merry xmas fam
  7. nigga we made it.
  8. you got that right homie
  9. there’s nothing you can’t handle bruv
  10. that's good to hear, i'll look into it later on if there are still vacancies in the nominations

    school has been going great, it was pretty stressful during the first few weeks of october though, but nothing i can't handle.
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