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  1. Thanks crisp, it was fine.
  2. Merry Christmas, Iwa. Hope you had a great one.
  3. Hey Iwa, how're you doing?

    I've been through our previous conversation by chance yesterday, and it was so... shamelessly inappropriate

    Sorry for that. Don't think I'm a creeper or something
  4. Lmao
  5. It's fine, we've just met after all.

    Don't run away though. Don't go inactive out of a sudden or something
  6. ikr

    idk crisp I like to be discrete.
  7. Nice friend you got there

    Out of pure curiosity, would you consider trading pics with me?
  8. They weren't all bad tbh.
    I tried to front as a girl on this here tmf, but Anna exposed me, lmao. But yea.
  9. I imagine the reactions

    Is it true you're a gay trap like Anna says?
  10. They were the only pics I had, lol.
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