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  1. Sleep.

    Yeah, certainly.
  2. If I want to read ToG weekly then something had to be sacrificed

    Well if it was that bad then Juan can take it as a learning experience
  3. Really? Didn't know that.

    Let's just say it's...not quite as orderly as I'd like it to be.
  4. I've dropped Kingdom for a bit so I can read it in bulk later, so I've been avoiding KP.

    Did he mess up his own tourney or something?
  5. *Looks at KP tourney.*

    You really can't believe it?
  6. Fair enough.

    And I can't believe Juan's already made three posts and none of them are his opening
  7. Was about to say.

    Was just making sure he understood that he's supposed to have an opening post that isn't related to Efege's post, because the rebuttals don't come until after that. His question about Efege being done or not implied his post will depend on what Efege says.

    And I only posted once before.
  8. Oh wait you're a judge, my bad

    Still, please hold off until the rapid phase.
  9. Dude, stop posting in the debate threads.
  10. I honestly don't know, since they are too long to be visible in "Latest posts", and everyone just checks the images once they open the thread, you don't have to bother.
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