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  1. Maybe there's other things he'd like to talk about.
  2. Skypeia vs Thriller Bark?

    I've heard enough about TB for one one lifetime
  3. He did.
  4. If he's so interested then he can post in the thread
  5. Not sure, you could always ask.
  6. What does Allara even want to debate anyway?

    Must be even worse for GP, yeah he won but he typed out all that only to be read by just you and me.
  7. What, you're afraid? That's why I said you had more potential.

    Agreed, feels like ass when you put effort into it and no one bothers to read it.
  8. My ego is bruised already, I can't imagine what would happen if I lost to Allara now

    And I'd like to make sure my next debate has more than one competent judge.
  9. To be honest, Moriah was the safer pick for all the reasons I've mentioned. Not for the average reader, but for someone like GP who knows every in and out there is to the character, as well as the holes in DD's characters, it was a good playing field. Kinda hard not to answer to his provocations when he takes the initiative like that.

    Time to take on Allara and beat him, to even the score.
  10. Perhaps a crushing defeat would feel better than almost winning.

    GP will never let me live this down.
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