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  1. Go now.
  2. 241 I think, I'll be all over that thread when I catch up
  3. Oh alright, how far did you get? I'm mentioning something from season 2 chapter 296, so you could actually be spoiling yourself, yeah.

    He's GOAT.
  4. If he's getting more panel time later then I don't want to spoil myself, I'm almost caught up
  5. Go appreciate Rak in my thread.

  6. Hope he doesn't bail on us, the ToG community here won't forgive him lol
  7. Feather said to tell him when we've got enough.
  8. I was gonna look over them after enough time had passed, but it looks like you've got it covered

    I still don't know who's gonna host it lol. Would you be up for that?
  9. Uhm, just wanna make sure, did you take over the ToG tournament and keep in check how many nominations we got or?
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