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  1. I'll keep that in mind.
  2. I may forget some things, but not the important stuff like malaysian basket weaving forum rulebreakers.

    It seems I have become soft if this is your view of me, wonder how I can fix that
  3. And then, a memory loss?

    Break a leg, softie.
  4. That's the official way of doing things. Be polite, then some warnings, then a ban.

    But you mess with the CB, you earn a special kind of punishment which I'll leave a mystery for now
  5. What you gonna do about it? Ask me to be nice?
  6. Oh that. That wasn't a threat.

    It was a promise
  7. Your VMs with Mak say otherwise, Dofla.
  8. That's absurd, I always threaten people to their faces.

  9. Threatening me behind my back?

  10. Maybe there's other things he'd like to talk about.
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