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  1. If anything happens just give him a one day ban, then let us know in the Parliaments and we'll discuss how long to extend the ban and, depending on what he did, if a perm is warranted.
  2. Ew, now I have to go out of my way to see what he posts.

    How long do you want the ban to be for if he does?
  3. I'm assigning Ccrack to you. Don't ban him unless he actually posts something of THAT nature, but keep me adrift of anything he's doing or any weird commends he's making.
  4. Sorry, I meant to get back to you. He hasn't caused any trouble since Hal PMd me so I think it's safe to let it go. What he was doing in the first place wasn't that bad anyway IMO, all people needed to do was ignore him and it solved itself.
  5. Any update on the SpiRo situation?
  6. Okay
  7. Investigate the SpiRo situation and let me know what you think the best solution is.
  8. Sure
  9. We need to come up with a Contributor plan.
  10. Not yet, I'll let ya know.
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