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  1. Oh nice, good luck.
  2. I hope to get done in August.
  3. How much do you have left?
  4. I don't think I have the time right now. Maybe after I finish my MS.
  5. You should get into CyK.
  6. My job? It's really cool. Super chill and I work with a few friends. This is my first job that doesn't deal with customers at all, so there are a lot less restrictions.

    What're you up to nowadays?
  7. How do you like it there so far?
  8. That and school.
  9. Haven't seen you post a lot lately. Work?
  10. It's a shame you don't play games, I think you'd find Smite thematically interesting. It's a good game as well, so that's a bonus.

    You need to add "Thank you username!" as a response to "Happy birthday TMF!".
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