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  1. You allowed to undo CB bans that other mods did?
  2. I remember shortly after I first joined, we had an argument over whether Akainu actually dodged Vista and Marco's attack on him during Marineford. Not sure if you remember it. Anyways, back then, it seemed so obvious to me that it connected and that Akainu's CoA superiority completely nullified it. I'm just starting to realize after the recent(ish) revelation about Katakuri dodging with CoO that Akainu most likely dodged their attacks, hence why it didn't phase him, despite them being Haki users. Seems like the more valid answer honestly. So, uh, kinda random, but I concede on that point lol.
  3. Can I get banned for about two weeks?
  4. Haha well I'm glad I'm seen as reasonable. Thanks. And my only answer is that the Internet Gods chose us to debate with other reasonable and intelligent posters.
  5. First you, now Admiral Tigerclaw. Reasonable posters with military titles.

    Where are you guys coming from?
  6. Yeah, I understand. I guess I just haven't found as many topics that interest me as much currently. I'm still catching up on other manga that the site likes, so it'll probably be a while before I join in on those discussions. I only really pay to current events just enough to know what's kind of going on so I can't provide meaningful conversation in that department.
  7. Nah, it's good you discuss OP so much. It's good for the site. It would be cool if you discussed other stuff as well though.
  8. Haha do I talk about it too much? I enjoy discussing other anime as well, politics once in a while, and philosophy occasionally.
  9. What do you like discussing besides One Piece?
  10. Thanks PoPs. Appreciate it
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