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  1. I see.

    It's fking great btw
  2. i don't follow it

    been close to start it for ochako though
  3. Aizawa seems fine lol.

    You like my hero academia?
  4. hmm

    should i call you aizawa? or do you prefer shota
  5. Yea i hope so too.
  6. oh, nice, i'm glad to see mafia growing on here

    you'll see that tmf games have... a peculiar, distinctive feel to them. I hope you won't be driven away
  7. Mainly i joined for mafia, but the battledome section is the one getting my attention here.
  8. don't worry

    i saw you're fairly fresh, what brought you to join?
  9. Lol I'm sorry if i was rude, let's try this again

    Hi I'm Eraserhead, I'm smart and funny.. once people get to know me
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